Public Private Partnership (Public and Private Partnerships) in the Agricultural Sector

Public and private partnerships (KPS) or public private partnerships (PPP) are needed to answer problems such as increasing production capacity, productivity, quality of production, increasing market access, and encouraging the downstream process of multi-stakeholder cooperation in increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the food and agriculture sector . PPPs appear not only to increase productivity and growth in the agricultural…

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Fair Finance Guide International Methodology 2018

The socio-environmental negative impacts of lending activities and the investment of financial institutions in unsustainable business practices have placed a special burden on the existence of human and natural sustainability (people and planets). Most of them are civil society organizations that care about this issue and demand financial institutions to be fully responsible for the problems. One of the civil…

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A Socially Equitable Energy Transition in Indonesia

Indonesia has begun to face problems with reserves of fossil fuel resources. From time to time domestic oil and gas production continues to decline, making the government encourage renewable energy policies as a top priority. Even though Indonesia has abundant potential renewable energy resources, in fact the development of achieving renewable energy resources to total energy is still minimal. Efforts…

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