Victoria Fanggidae

Senior Researcher

PHONE: (021)7811798
EMAIL: victoriafanggidae@gmail.com
SKYPE: Ria Fanggidae

Victoria holds a Master of Development Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and is currently undergoing her doctoral education at the same university, with an Australia Awards scholarship. Prior to working at Prakarsa, Victoria had worked and been a consultant / researcher at various international development institutions in Indonesia such as the UN-World Food Program, UNFPA, Oxfam and ILO and a global anti-poverty campaign institution, The Global Poverty Project in Melbourne, Australia. Social development issues which are Victoria’s interests while working at Prakarsa as Program Managers and Research include social policies related to human development (health, employment, education), and sustainable development. Victoria often writes op-eds in national media such as Kompas and The Jakarta Post on health, employment and human development issues.

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