Collaborating with CTSS IPB, ResponsiBank Indonesia Holds Public Lecture on Sustainable Finance

Public Lecture on Sustainable Finance at the IPB International Convention Center, Tuesday (12/12/2023). Photo: The Media Team PRAKARSA
Left to right: Ah Maftuchan (Executive Director of The PRAKARSA), Uli Agustina (OJK Sustainable Finance Specialist), Dian Masyita Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UIII), Dian Ediana Rae (Chief Executive of OJK Banking Supervision), Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar (Professor and Deputy Chancellor for Global Connectivity, Cooperation and IPB University Alumni), Damayanti Buchori (Professor and Director of the Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Science IPB), Husin Alatas (Professor and Executive Secretary of CTSS IPB).

Bogor, The PRAKARSA - Indonesia's development concept has long prioritized economic growth without considering ecological impacts. Post-COVID economic recovery could be a pivotal moment, especially if supported by sustainable development policies and implementation. To achieve this goal requires interdisciplinary collaboration from various parties, including government, banking, academics and civil society. In order to encourage this, PRAKARSA as Coordinator of the ResponsiBank Indonesia Coalition in collaboration with Center for Transdisciplinary and Sustainability Sciences (CTSS) IPB University held a Public Lecture on Sustainable Finance entitled "Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Economic and Ecological Reform Towards a Just Transition". Taking place at the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor, on Tuesday (12/12). 

This activity was carried out in order to provide knowledge to the public, including students, regarding the concept of sustainable finance, increase awareness regarding the importance of economic and ecological reform for a just transition, and discuss the importance of collaboration and synergy between multiple parties for sustainability. 

Head of CTSS, IPB Professor Damayanti Buchori, said that sustainable finance is an important part of the sustainability concept. "This is something that has not been touched upon much, so that is why today we are holding this activity with the main aim of learning more about sustainable finance and its relationship with sustainable development," he explained. 

Executive Director PRAKARSA, Ah Maftuchan, explained that this activity was held to strengthen collaborative work in encouraging a just transition in Indonesia. "In our work we always prioritize collaboration, a multi-stakeholder and multi-dimensional approach, we need to continue to improve this in encouraging sustainable finance, how do we encourage the financial services sector to contribute more and more in the aspect of safeguarding the environmental conditions we currently have ," explained Maftuchan. 

Meanwhile, Professor and Deputy Chancellor of IPB for Global Connectivity, Cooperation and Alumni, Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar, welcomed this activity. "Today I think it is very good for us to learn sustainable finance, I think this is a very important aspect for us to continue learning, especially students and lecturers," he explained.

The keynote speaker for this activity was the Chief Executive of Banking Supervision at the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Dian Ediana Rae. He emphasized the need for the role of various interest groups collectively to work together to reduce emissions as determined by the Indonesian government. "Indonesia's net zero commitment by 2060 is supported by the potential of renewable energy," said Dian. 

Dian also added that Indonesia has a very strong position to encourage sustainable economic transformation and must be inclusive and reach all levels of society. "Indonesia has published the Indonesian NDC (Nationally Determined Contribution) document since the Paris Agreement, the emission reduction target is increasing and the energy sector is one of the sectors that will contribute significantly to this target," explained Dian. 

Apart from that, Dian also explained the role of the OJK so far in encouraging sustainable finance in Indonesia. "For quite a long time, the OJK, since 2015, has published initiatives including a roadmap for sustainable finance in Indonesia, including the obligation to submit sustainability reports and action plans, such as the greenbonds initiative and Indonesia is the first mover," he said. 

This activity was then continued with a discussion which was divided into two sessions. In the first session the discussion focused on the theme of 'Synergy between regulations, financing and strategic sectors in encouraging sustainable development' with speakers including Uli Agustina, OJK Sustainable Finance Specialist, Tria Mutiari Meilan, Banking Practitioner and Sustainable Finance Expert, Dian Masyita, Teacher Besar and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UIII, Dwi Rahayu Ningrum, Sustainable Development Officer The PRAKARSA, and guided by moderator Husin Alatas who is a Professor and Executive Secretary of CTSS IPB. 

The second session continued with the theme 'Measuring the impact of implementing sustainable finance in ecological aspects' guided by Victoria Fanggidae, Deputy Director of The PRAKARSA. The speakers at this session included Rilus A Kinseng, Professor of Rural Sociology IPB, Soeryo Adiwibowo, Department of Communication Science and Community Development, Faculty of Human Ecology IPB, Suria D. Tarigan, Professor of Soil Science IPB, and Herni Ramdlaningrum, Program Manager of The PRAKARSA.

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