Handbook for Banks: Integrating Human Rights Principles and Gender Aspects in Lending and Investment Frameworks

Guidebook compiled and published by The PRAKARSA as coordinator of the ResponsiBank Indonesia coalition, he discussed the integration of human rights principles and gender aspects in the lending and investment framework in the banking sector. Sustainable financial financing that considers environmental, social and governance factors is very important in efforts to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

This book also highlights the importance of implementing human rights principles and paying attention to gender aspects in financing to avoid legal risks, fines and damage to the bank's reputation. Integrating human rights and gender aspects in lending and investment also provides financial and reputational benefits for banks.

This book provides case examples and efforts made by banks to integrate these two aspects. The main challenge is how banks can mitigate cases of serious human rights violations in the process of providing loans and investments. This book provides guidance for banks to grow and realize sustainable finance by integrating human rights and gender aspects.

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