Flower Potpourri – Reflections on Health Development in Indonesia in a Pandemic Situation

The year 2020 was recorded as a difficult period for the international community, due to the emergence of the global-scale Covid-19 pandemic. History proves that this kind of incident occurs naturally and is repeated over a period of time. In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed about 21,5 million to 50 million people worldwide, including 1,5 million people in the territory of Indonesia which was then still called the Dutch East Indies. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic forced each country to take emergency policies in running their government wheels. Handling the pandemic requires massive resources by involving all components of the nation in various strategic sectors. This is where the role of think tanks becomes very vital regarding the correction of projections of possible slowdown, recession and economic depression. As a result, budget reallocation is inevitable. Given that no country is ready to face a pandemic like this, the most likely thing to do is to prevent and slow down the spread of Covid-19. The preventive solution is expected to suppress the spread of the pandemic while waiting for vaccine production.

The PRAKARSA As a think tank organization, health development is an important part of national development. the PRAKARSA feel the need to compose an anthology that can describe health development in Indonesia in a more comprehensive manner. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a reflection of health development in Indonesia. In writing this anthology, PRAKARSA involving various parties ranging from fellow health service practitioners, policy advocacy activists (CSOs), academics, government and journalists to get involved in writing. PRAKARSA seeks to involve all health development stakeholders in order to be able to capture various perspectives on a single issue.

Writing this anthology is part of a program we are running in collaboration with BfDW. We thank BfDW for supporting the funding of this program. In particular, we on behalf of The PRAKARSA expresses appreciation to the writing team: Aqilatul Layyinah, Hasbullah Thabrany, Hermawan Saputra, Irawaty Manulang, Muhammad Saleh, Muhammad Yusran, Muttaqien, Sri Bayu Sela Adji, and Vini Aristianti. We also thank all parties including editors, publishers, academics, the National Social Security Council (DJSN), West Sulawesi Provincial Health Office, CSO colleagues (PELKESI, CD Bathesda/YAKKUM). Your contribution is a form of concern for the improvement of health development towards a better direction. Hopefully we can get through the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and learn lessons to improve the quality of the national health system in Indonesia. Greetings healthy and happy reading.

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