Ah Maftuchan

Ah Maftuchan is The Executive Director PRAKARSA since October 2015 until now. Previously, Maftuchan served as Program Manager The PRAKARSA 2014-2015 and Program Officer for Social Policy PRAKARSA 2009-2013. 


At the national level, Maftuchan is the co-founder Responsibank Indonesia Coalition. Responsibank is a coalition of civil society organizations and consumer organizations working for promotion, research and policy advocacy in the field of sustainable finance for banks and non-bank financial institutions. 


At the regional level, Maftuchan has been the Co-coordinator of Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia (TAFJA) since 2019 until now. TAFJA is a network of Asian-level civil society organizations that conduct campaigns, research and policy advocacy in the areas of fiscal transparency and tax justice. 


At the global level, Maftuchan is a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ) since 2019 until now. GATJ is a global level organization that works to campaign and advocate for progressive and redistributive tax justice issues for funding public services. 


Maftuchan is a Civil-20 Sherpa (C20) G20 Indonesia Presidency 2022 and Troika Civil-20 (C20) India G20 Presidency 2023. C20 is one of the official engagement groups of G20 for civil society organizations around the world. Maftuchan is committed to strengthening evidence-based public policy advocacy and collaboration with policy makers and development actors at the local-national-global level. 


Since 2021, Maftuchan has been conducting doctoral studies in the field of social welfare at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences – University of Indonesia. Maftuchan earned a master's degree in social welfare (M.Kesos) from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences – University of Indonesia in 2014. In 2006 Maftuchan earned a law degree from Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, Yogyakarta. 


Maftuchan received a "Fellowship Program on the Civil Society Policy Forum" from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) / World Bank (World Bank) in 2017 in Washington DC - United States and in 2018 in Bali - Indonesia. 


Prior to working at The PRAKARSA, Maftuchan worked at the GIZ/Gesselschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GmbH (March 2007 – October 2008) as an expert consultant on good governance. 


As a development practitioner and public policy observer, Maftuchan often becomes a resource person and provides consulting services to the Indonesian government (president's executive office, ministries/agencies and local government), the government of Timor Leste (parliamentary research center – the national parliament of the democratic republic of Timor Leste ), civil society organizations and private companies, both in Indonesia and abroad. 


Maftuchan has an interest in issues of social policies, fiscal policies and sustainable development. Some of Maftuchan's works include: Measuring the Governance Index of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Strengthening Substantive Democracy in Indonesia (2021), Welfare Transformation (2016), Infrastructure Boom: For What and For Whom? (The Jakarta Post, op‐ed, August 2016), Reorientation of Workforce (Kompas daily, op‐ed, March 2016), Social Security for All Workers (The Jakarta Post, July 2015). 



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