Anah Nurjanah

Anah Nurjanah served as Finance & Accounting Assistant The PRAKARSA period 2018 - present and b,responsible in managing finances in PRAKARSA. 


Anah completed a Bachelor of Accounting program at the Muhammadiyah University Jakarta and a Masters in Accounting at the Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta. Before working on PRAKARSA (2014), Anah has experience as a CSO in a state-owned bank, besides that she is also active in activities in the social sector. 


Anah has experience in financial transactions in the world of banking and NGOs. In addition, Anah is also active in the banking community and often provides updates on the latest regulatory information regarding banking-related financial transactions. Anah has published a journal entitled financial accountability of non-governmental organizations: Schutz's phenomenological perspective. 


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