Aqilatul Layyinah

Aquila joined in PRAKARSA since October 2019 as Program and Research Assistant Social Policy. The duties and responsibilities carried out by Aqila include conducting program planning and social policy research, providing technical assistance in a series of research and program implementation, and conducting research using qualitative and mixed methods. 


Aqila completed her undergraduate education in the Social Welfare Study program at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia in 2019. Aqila graduated with cum laude predicate. The topic of Aqila's thesis research is related to the attachment system in children with working mothers. 


Before joining the staff PRAKARSA, Aqila worked as an intern at PRAKARSA for 3 months in early 2019. During the internship Aqila was responsible for coordinating with all the 15 year Anniversary activity committee PRAKARSA. Organize focus group discussions and public discussions with CSO leaders and local government. Apart from that, Aqila has also been an intern at the Bambu Apus Youth Social Institution, East Jakarta in 2018. During her internship, Aqila interacted a lot with beneficiaries and conducted assessment on the development of training materials in the orphanage. 


Since college, Aqila has had an interest in issues of health, social protection, social security, old age, employment and disability. While working on PRAKARSA, Aqila also had the opportunity to broaden her knowledge on diaspora issues. Aqila also received certification as a Collective Leadership Specialist from the Collective Leadership Institute Germany. In addition, Aqila also had the opportunity to become part of the C20 secretariat in the 20 Indonesian G2022 presidency. 


Several of Aqila's works have been published in journals, books, research reports, and policy briefs. Aqila's thesis was also successfully published in the Journal of Social Welfare at the University of Indonesia in 2020 with the title Application of Attachment Systems to Children Through Devices. Aqila is also one of the book authors Anthology of Reflections on Health Development in Indonesia in the 2021 Pandemic Situation. Aqila is also actively involved in several coalitions including; Coalition for Elderly Care Society (KuMPUL), Indonesian Social Security Forum, Universal Basic Income Guarantee Coalition, and the Community Care Coalition for Public Services (MP3). 


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