Bambang Nurjaman

Bambang is responsible for IT & Media Support at The PRAKARSA. Prior to joining The PRAKARSA, Bambang accomplished working experiences in several business sectors, including education, investment, and MSME sectors, as an IT and a graphic designer. In addition, he was an active lecturer teaching at Unisadhuguna International College and Unisadhuguna College of Economics from 2015 to 2018.


This informatics engineering graduate from MH Thamrin University is responsible for managing the entire infrastructure, including computers, laptops, internet networks, cameras, and other hardware devices. He is also in charge of managing all of The PRAKARSA's social media and websites, both in terms of content and visuals, to enable well-organized posts and content for the public and maintain the existence of The PRAKARSA by increasing its' digital presence.

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