Dwi Rahayu Ningrum

Dwi began to join in PRAKARSA from September 2015 to 2016 as Research Assistant. In 2018, Dwi rejoined as a researcher at PRAKARSA who is responsible for every stage of research, including research design, data collection, data analysis, to writing reports and policy briefs. Some of the topics that become Dwi's research areas are multidimensional poverty, illicit financial flows, illegal cigarette trade, and some research related to banking financing practices in the extractive sector to financial inclusion. 


Since July 2021, Dwi has served as the Sustainable Development Officer. On a daily basis, Dwi manages the Fair Finance project which aims to encourage financial service institutions to integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into financing and investment frameworks. Dwi is responsible for implementing projects ranging from research activities, policy advocacy, campaigns, capacity building, engagement with stakeholders, to administrative activities such as project reporting. 


Dwi completed his undergraduate education at Brawijaya University Malang in the Agribusiness study program. Before working on PRAKARSA, Dwi was involved in several campus research activities with research topics related to agricultural economics. 


Dwi is interested in sustainability issues such as climate change, a just energy transition, gender equality, as well as business and human rights. Dwi is involved in policy advocacy related to these issues for both the government and the private sector. 


While in PRAKARSA, Dwi joined as a team of writers in various research reports that received quite a lot of public attention, such as multidimensional poverty index, illicit financial flows on six strategic trading commodities, to how is the practice of oil palm companies harming small-scale farmers and violating labor rights. 


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