Eka Afrina Djamhari

Eka Afrina Djamhari is Research and Knowledge Manager The PRAKARSA period 2022 – present. Eka is responsible for managing knowledge/information and research on a daily basis PRAKARSA. Eka completed a Bachelor of Education program at the Jakarta State University and a Masters in Social Welfare at the University of Indonesia (UI).


Before working on PRAKARSA (December 2016), Eka has experience as a consultant in various government agencies, local and international NGOs, as well as the private sector working in the social, education, health, humanitarian and environmental fields.


Eka has experience in conducting qualitative and mixed methods research. Eka is interested in researching issues related to policies and social phenomena in society such as poverty and inequality. Some of the research works that have received the most public attention include the Conditions of Elderly Welfare and Social Protection for the Elderly in Indonesia, the Deficit of the National Health Insurance (JKN), Online Ojek Drivers and Decent Work, and A Socially Equitable Energy Transition in Indonesia.


Eka also often criticizes and provides policy improvement options through dialogue and media publications. Eka is active in network strengthening and joint advocacy in coalitions such as the Coalition for People Caring for the Elderly (KuMPUL) on aging issues and ResponsiBank Indonesia on sustainable finance issues. Eka has produced various writings and articles published in print and online media such as Getting the wrong ends of the stick: The pensions debate and Healthcare costs leave Indonesians out-of-pocket.


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