Herni Ramdlaningrum

Herni joins in PRAKARSA since 2018 as Program Manager. Herni's duties and responsibilities are to plan and design programs both programmatically and institutionally; network with external parties to obtain support for program implementation both financially and in other resources; ensure program implementation, and proactively monitor program progress to ensure program objectives are achieved; and resolve problems and take appropriate corrective actions and develop program governance mechanisms.


Herni obtained a master's degree in Public Policy with a specialization in Social Policy from The Australian National University (ANU).


Before joining in PRAKARSA, Herni has experience as a Project Management Unit Specialist at UNDP, responsible for providing analytical and operational support for projects, ensuring the effective planning and implementation of peat restoration activities and supporting the coordination of activities carried out with the Peat Restoration Agency (BRG). Herni is also responsible for ensuring the right relationships with partners and timely reporting, enhancing knowledge management support for external relations and partnerships, and ensuring project management coherence and financial support.


In addition, Herni has also worked as a Community Outreach and Empowerment Leader at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), a conservation organization under the British royal government. Herni's role at ZSL is to support the organization of educational seminars and workshops based on community needs. Helping individuals and communities to adapt to the sustainability and restoration programs based on the UKCCU program. Conduct home visits to smallholders, households etc to maintain their awareness regarding the UKCCU program. Distribute communication materials and educational documents to target communities especially for vulnerable groups in forest communities including women, children, indigenous peoples. Attend community meetings to understand community problems/needs and report any cases/problems that occur in the community to seek solutions through a participatory process. Previously Herni was also active as a Regional Manager, in the PP Aisyiyah Tuberculosis Eradication program which was supported by the Global Fund.


Herni has an interest in and is working on GEDSI issues, social policy, sustainable finance and fair taxes. Herni's areas of expertise are research, participatory facilitation, lobbying and policy advocacy.


From 2021 to 2022, Herni has been heavily involved in compiling a number of publications as follows: The GEDSI and intersectionality guidebook for the INKLUSI Program; Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace: Conditions and Challenges in Indonesia as a G20 Country; Supporting elderly parents: Intergenerational transfer practices, social capital and sandwich generation welfare in Indonesia; Study of Views, Acceptance, Awareness and Accessibility of the COVID-19 Vaccine, 3T and the Prevention and Impact of COVID-19 on GEDSI; JKK and JKM Social Insurance for the Informal Sector; and The Role of BLT-DD (Village Fund Direct Cash Assistance) in economic recovery during a pandemic: Social Dynamics and Contribution to the Household Economy.


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