Economic and Fiscal Policy

The PRAKARSA believes that taxes are very vital as a source of state revenue and as an instrument to reduce inequality, justify welfare and to uphold the independence of a nation. The budget is also very important for the development and progress of the nation. Unfortunately, taxes and budget justice are still far from expectations.

State tax revenues are still far from optimal so that budget policy priorities that are still not right are a challenge that must be faced at this time. The PRAKARSA carries out various activities aimed at promoting fair tax behavior for all Indonesians, which will further contribute to economic recovery for sustainable growth. Fiscal justice studies and research have been outlined in the form of books, policy briefs, policy reviews, fact sheets and audio visuals. The Pro-Poor Budget (2009) and The Pro-Poor Budget: A Guide for Journalists (2012) are pioneering publications on pro-poor budgeting in Indonesia. PRAKARSA also focuses on research on illicit financial flows and Potential State Revenue. PRAKARSA, including the Global Alliance for Tax Justice network, are also involved in publishing the Tax Justice Advocacy Toolkit which has now been translated into Indonesian.

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