Social Policy

The PRAKARSA believes that the welfare of citizens is both a goal and a means of progressing a nation. Strategic issues regarding human development such as health, education, social security, and employment are central to welfare policy.

The PRAKARSA is of the view that poverty is not just a problem of lack, but also includes issues of justice. Poverty is not enough to be measured only in terms of economy, but is multidimensional. Poverty is a deprivation of human capabilities. Therefore, we calculated the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).


The issue of inequality is also wider than economic inequality because it involves access and opportunity. Inequality occurs because redistribution policies and instruments are not working well, especially for marginal groups such as the elderly, women and children. Therefore, we also conduct research and policy advocacy on vocational education, employment, social protection, and welfare for the elderly and the perception of productive age facing old age. In addition, access to health services is a strategic issue that has not escaped our attention. PRAKARSA is now deriving the grand ideals of the welfare state in studies, research and advocacy on welfare policy reform.

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