Sustainable Development

The PRAKARSA believes that the achievement of human welfare must be balanced with the sustainability of natural resources. Nowadays, increasingly limited natural resources are a worldwide challenge. PRAKARSA as part of the Fair Finance International (FFI) and Fair Finance Asia (FFA) network encourages sustainable finance and responsible financing practices in Indonesia that pay attention to environmental, social and governance aspects.

The PRAKARSA together with the Response Coalition of Bank Indonesia conducted studies and advocacy through the assessment of banking credit and investment policies, case studies of financial inclusion and literacy for marginalized groups, as well as realizing the implementation of sustainable finance by involving related parties such as the Financial Services Authority (OJK), banks, associations and experts. in training forums (capacity building) and discussions. PRAKARSA is also actively involved in the preparation of policy reference documents prepared by OJK in the application of sustainable finance, one of which is the credit reference book in the palm oil sector and green taxonomy documents. At the global level, the PRAKARSA is involved in influencing activities through C20/G20, ADB, IMF/WB, and other international organizations and is active in campaigning for issues of sustainable finance, equitable energy transition and human rights.

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