Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

On December 15-17, 2021, all staff of the governing board and the daily executive board , will monitor what PRAKARSA has done during 2021 and reflect on the improvements that will be made in 2022 and the coming year.


In this series of events, PRAKARSA facilitated staff with toddlers and toddlers including companions to participate in this event which was held on the island of Bali. This step is a form of PRAKARSA's support for staff as parents to take care of and support their child's development during the growth period, which is a fairly important phase for the child.


In other series of activities, PRAKARSA also released hatchlings (baby turtles) by all staff at Pandawa Beach. This form is PRAKARSA's effort in conserving sea turtles in the world, especially in the territory of Indonesia, where we all know that turtles are a very crucial species for the survival of living creatures in the sea. PRAKARSA and the Turtle Conservation And Education Center (TCEC) are collaborating on the preservation of turtle species, which are currently decreasing in number and if left unchecked, they could be threatened with extinction.


From the series of activities for 3 days, there are so many improvement agendas that we will carry out in 2022 and the years to come. PRAKARSA would like to thank all staff, administrators, alumni and partners for their contribution and support to The PRAKARSA's work so far. Thanks to the work of all of us, in 2021, PRAKARSA will receive the following awards:

  1. Award from the Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas RI to Perkumpulan PRAKARSA for its contribution to the Preparation of the NAP for the Implementation of SDGs in Indonesia
  2. Award from the Minister of Labour of the Republic of Indonesia to Perkumpulan PRAKARSA in the Vocational Training Award 2021 in the category “Vocational Training Partners” for their contribution to Indonesia's job training transformation agenda.


PRAKARSA hopes and believes that in 2022 all work efforts and achievements can be even more optimal than this year 2021 and previous years. Happy New Year PRACTICE!!!

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