Victoria Fanggidae, Ph.D

Victoria Fanggidae serves as Deputy Director of The PRAKARSA since late 2021 and is responsible for supporting the Executive Director in strategic matters relating to planning and institutional development, quality control of knowledge production and program management, as well as fundraising and networking. 


Victoria earned her doctorate from the University of Melbourne in Social Policy, Sociology and Social Theory, under the Faculty of Arts, with a dissertation on Indonesian workers and social security. He also received his master's degree from the same university, in the field of Development Studies with a thesis on development assistance for international institutions in underdeveloped areas. 


Prior to working as Deputy Director at The PRAKARSA, Victoria served as Program and Research Manager at the same institution, where she was responsible for conducting research and program management. Previously, Victoria worked at several UN agencies and international NGOs in Indonesia as a consultant or program implementer, as well as an internship as a researcher at an advocacy and campaign organization in Australia. 


Victoria is a qualitative researcher by training and is involved in the development and review of research designs and results at The PRAKARSA. In addition, currently he is actively involved in the institutional development of The PRAKARSA through the Ford Foundation-funded BUILD project. Victoria's research interests are socio-economic issues, particularly related to social security policies, employment, public health and poverty alleviation. He is also involved in various research and advocacy activities on fiscal and sustainability issues which are inseparable from issues of social justice and welfare. 


In addition to supporting knowledge production quality control and institutional development at The PRAKARSA, Victoria also often writes for various media such as The Jakarta Post, Kompas and The Conversation. Relevant Victorian articles include the titles “Getting the wrong ends of the stick: The pensions debate” in The Jakarta Post and “Sailing through a perfect storm of COVID-19 with universal basic income for Indonesia” in The Conversation. 


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