G20 Momentum to Realize NGO Endowment Fund

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PROGRAM Officer of the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), who is also a representative of C20, Bona Tua, assessed that the many positive impacts of the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) on the endowment of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can also be a gift for the international community. So, before the G20 event, November in Bali, Indonesia needs to immediately ratify the proposed regulation so that it can be implemented immediately.

“The coalition is waiting with full confidence that the President (Jokowi) will sign the Presidential Regulation considering he understands the crucial role of NGOs and civil society so far. The momentum will also be right because it coincides with the G20," he said when contacted on Wednesday (7/6).

According to him, Indonesia will be more aligned with developed countries, especially G20 countries, that Indonesia already has domestic/internal community development funds, namely NGO endowments. Previously, Indonesia already had development funds for international purposes, namely Indonesian AID/LDKPI.

He said the most obvious urgency was related to the support for NGOs in participating in overcoming the problems of the people in the midst of the pandemic and preparing to enter the endemic era.

If immediately ratified, the Presidential Regulation will accelerate NGOs in helping to overcome common problems, especially assisting communities directly affected or reducing the number of people who fall into the category of extreme poverty.

“On the other hand, the work of NGOs can also help the government's attention, such as increasing the democracy index and the anti-corruption behavior index/GPA. This Presidential Regulation will be proof that the state is present in strengthening democracy and empowering citizens," he explained.

Bona also said the Perpes had very good medium and long-term implications. With the sustainability of funding and the resilience of NGO institutions, it is hoped that it will encourage the participation of NGOs in maintaining civic democracy in the future.

"At the closest, NGOs become a medium for maintaining the sanity of the 2024 simultaneous elections, for example against isms that have the opportunity to tear the fabric of nationalism, such as primordialism to narrow identities," he stressed.

Separately, Executive Director of Perkumpulan Prakarsa and Sherpa Civil 20 Ah Maftuchan said the implementation of the NGO endowment fund would be proof that the government recognizes and affirms the role and contribution of civil society organizations (CSOs).

The endowment can be a way to create conditions for NGOs or CSOs to be healthier, open, inclusive, advanced and sustainable so that they can contribute more significantly to development and democratization.

"These funds are funds that are always available or eternal which are allocated to NGOs or CSOs to ensure the sustainability of their work and contribution to strengthening democracy and realizing national development goals," he explained.

The reason the funds need to exist, he said, is to spur the role of NGOs or CSOs to play a greater role in community development and democratization. The role of these non-governmental institutions often provides assistance, services and direct assistance to the community, carries out socio-economic-political empowerment to the community, participates in development planning and supervision, provides data-information, recommendations or policy proposals, exercises control by criticizing the government policies or programs, active in work at the regional-global level so as to participate in the creation of world peace.

“In essence, NGOs or CSOs are development actors and democratic actors whose role in the life of the nation and state is very important. This institute is as important as the government and the business sector, so it must be supported by all parties, especially the government and the business sector,” he stressed. (RO/OL-1)

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