Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A research institute Prakarsa reveal 21,43 million population miskin multidimensional are included in the group at risk of infection corona virus or Covid-19. This number is equivalent to 99 percent of Indonesia's total multidimensional poor population which in 2018 reached 21,58 million people.

Executive Director Prakarsa AH Maftuchan said that only around 150 thousand multidimensionally poor people in Indonesia are relatively resistant to the risk of Covid-19 infection.

"So, almost all of the multidimensional poor are vulnerable to Covid-19," explained Maftuch to CNNIndonesia.com, Wednesday (15/7).

He added that of the 21,43 million people, around 1,27 million of them were at high risk. This is because they live with poor quality drinking water, malnutrition in toddlers, and cooking with high-polluting fuels at the same time.

He said the positive correlation between the number of people at risk of being infected with Covid-19 and the population living in multidimensional poor conditions implies that the greater the number of people at risk of being infected with Covid-19 in a province, the greater the number of multidimensional poor people who have a high risk of being infected with Covid-19. .

"Then, Covid-19 could cause multidimensional poverty to increase," he said.

To note, the calculation of multidimensional poverty in this study is based on the Indonesian Multidimensional Poverty Index (IKM) compiled by Prakarsa. The constituents of Indonesia's SMEs consist of three dimensions, including health, education, and standard of living.

Prakarsa identify multidimensional poverty from data on poor people in 2018.

The health dimension is composed of three indicators, namely sanitation, drinking water, and under-five nutrition. Then, the education dimension consists of two indicators, namely early childhood education and school sustainability.

Meanwhile, the standard of living dimension consists of three indicators, namely the source of lighting, cooking fuel, and the condition of the roof, floor, and walls of the house. People who fall into the multidimensional poverty category are deprived of at least a third of the indicators in the IKM dimension.

In addition, research results reveal as many as 176,04 million people fall into the group at risk of being infected with the corona virus. That number represents 66,62 percent of Indonesia's total population of 264 million people.

Interestingly, Prakarsa found that 176,04 million people were deprived of one of the three IKM indicators. Includes, drinking water, nutritional intake for toddlers, and cooking fuel. He said of the three indicators, deprivation in the drinking water indicator was the main cause for them to be included in the corona virus risk group.

"Deprivation in drinking water contributes 70 percent, toddlers' nutritional intake is 5 percent, and cooking fuels 25 percent for at-risk groups," he said.

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