LEBAK, Pelitabanten.comNon-Government Organizations (NGO) PRAKARSA conducted research on the Multidimensional Poverty Index (IKM) in Lebak Regency. Poverty is a multidimensional problem. The situation of poverty does not only cover aspects of limited economic resources, but also relates to limited access to meeting basic needs such as education, health and proper sanitation. This IKM research was conducted in Bejod Village, Wanasalam District, Lebak Regency.

The Bejod Village Government already knows about the research that will be carried out in this village. They welcomed the research conducted by the NGO team PRAKARSA precisely in Bantarnaga Village, Bejod Village, on Tuesday-Wednesday (12-13/07/2022).

Aqilatul Layyinah, research team from NGO PRAKARSA explained that the purpose of the research conducted in Lebak Regency was to photograph the multidimensional poverty conditions that occur. He explained that so far the measurement of poverty in Indonesia still uses monetary poverty measurement. But since 2012-2018 PRAKARSA present to bring innovation to calculate poverty using IKM.

"This IKM measures the condition of poverty experienced by a person from several dimensions, for the 2019-2021 measurement the dimensions used include several categories of deprivation experienced by the poor in their daily lives, such as poor health, minimal education, low standard of living. inadequate, lack of social protection, poor quality of work, threats of violence, and living in an environment with minimal internet access," he told the media crew on Thursday (14/07/2022).

He added that this effort to measure IKM would not necessarily eliminate the function of measuring monetary poverty that had been carried out by the government, but rather to provide a broader and deeper view of the complexity of poverty in Indonesia.

“Through this IKM calculation, we can find out quantitatively how many indexes each Regency/City has in Indonesia. Descriptively we can also analyze the root causes of poverty in a region. By using IKM, we can provide input or solutions regarding what the government needs to prioritize in regional development plans to alleviate the multidimensional poverty faced by their citizens," he said.

Mr. Mas'ud's extended family and the NGO research team PRAKARSA.
Mr. Mas'ud's extended family and the NGO research team PRAKARSA.

Mas'ud, a resident of Bejod Village, appreciated the presence of a research team from an NGO PRAKARSA This. He is very grateful to the NGO team PRAKARSA who care in making the village to be studied to the fullest. He hopes that the results of the existing research can provide input to the village government and local government in advancing their community.

"Hopefully the results of the research can be useful for the community, especially in Lebak Regency," he concluded. (MIR)

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