Sustainable Finance to Drive Green Recovery Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Financial institutions can be a catalyst in pushing development towards a more sustainable direction as well as solving climate problems through the allocation of funding to green and environmentally friendly sectors. However, unfortunately, support to encourage funding flows and sustainable business practices is still not optimal, especially in the context of achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (TPB). Although green investment assets continue to grow, financing and investment in sectors that trigger the climate crisis also grows.

How is the progress of policies and commitments to sustainable finance by the banking sector in Indonesia at this time? What are the policy recommendations that need to be carried out by OJK, the government and the banking sector so that the ecosystem and sustainable finance practices can be accelerated?

Download the 29th edition of the Policy Brief “Sustainable Finance to Promote Green Recovery after the Covid-19 Pandemic” below:

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