Fulfillment of Palm Oil Workers' Rights: One of the Pillars of Sustainable Plantation

PRAKARSA's research found that labor rights violations in oil palm plantations still occur, especially in West Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi, even though palm oil companies have obtained sustainable palm oil certification, ISPO and RSPO. Problems that keep happening over and over such as inequality in employment relations, inadequate wages, weak implementation of OSH, limiting freedom of association, forced labor practices, non-fulfillment of severance pay, inadequate housing and child labour.

The research findings show that palm oil companies that have ISPO/RSPO certification, which clearly have aspects of protection and fulfillment of labor rights in it, are ignored. This shows that the monitoring of certification implementation in the field is still weak. Violations of labor rights in the palm oil sector should be the concern of the Ministry of Labour. These violations need to be sanctioned so that they do not happen again in the future.

What are the policy recommendations that need to be carried out by the relevant ministries, companies, OJK and trade unions? Read in full this 29th edition of the Policy Brief entitled “Fulfillment of Palm Oil Labor Rights: One of the Pillars of Sustainable Plantation”.

Download the 29th edition of the Policy Brief “Fulfilling the Rights of Palm Oil Workers: One of the Pillars of Sustainable Plantation” below:

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