Supply chain mapping to create a just supply chain in Asia 

Bangkok, The PRAKARSA - The PRAKARSA opportunity to attend training food supply chain mapping exclusively in Bangkok hosted by Sal Forest on 29-30 November 2023.  

As part of the regional CSO network, The PRAKARSA committed to contributing to a fair value chain for all parties. Sarinee Achavanuntakul, who is the Managing Director of Sal Forest Co. Ltd and also a researcher and social critic in the field of food justice and human rights, emphasized every important part in the stages of mapping a fair food supply chain from upstream to downstream.

The training also discusses methodologies that can be used in supply chain mapping to reveal key players as advocacy targets. The training, which was also attended by the South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE), is expected to provide input in developing research sharpening by CSOs at the Asian regional level.  

The two-way learning implemented in this training also encouraged active participation from all training participants, where all participants began to develop a research framework that would be carried out by each organization using superior commodities from each country as research objects. The PRAKARSA choosing seafood commodities and SAAPE choosing tea commodities, which are the leading commodities in each country.

Sarinee also provided a number of important inputs in conducting value chain research, such as the need for research to provide a positive framing of an issue, build trust in informants, transparency of research information carried out, and focus on the parts that most significantly influence justice. 

This training is useful for each organization in mapping its research framework in depth and building coordination with key players in the related industry. The results of this training are very helpful and encourage the research performance and advocacy needs that continue to be carried out by The PRAKARSA in promoting fiscal justice through a just supply chain.

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