Education, Peace, and Ethical Issues of AI for the Elderly

Tokyo, The PRAKARSA - Monday (25/3/2024), Team PRAKARSA attended the tenth international conference on Aging in the Asian region (AGen 2024) organized by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR). This conference was attended by researchers, academics, practitioners, universities and research institutions from various countries.

On the first day, the main topics discussed were the correlation between education and peace, and the ethical issues of artificial intelligence to overcome aging issues.

Kevin Kester, Associate Professor at Seoul National University, explained that higher education has a role in the post-war recovery process, even though it is in conflict areas such as Mainland China and Taiwan. Especially its role in building things that are not only rational, but also attitudes, mentality and existing dynamics so that the peace process can be carried out comprehensively.

In the second session, Keith Miller discussed AI and aging issues. He revealed that the trend for elderly people living alone is increasing. This has implications for the need for “friends”. Artificial intelligence innovation can produce items in the form of pets that are friendly and can be friends for the elderly.

However, this effort needs to be regulated because apart from the risk of shifting the role of humans, especially family to accompany the elderly, artificial intelligence will also cause psychological problems such as hallucinations. Miller closed his session by concluding that artificial intelligence could become powerful so it needs to be limited to the level of only providing assistance, not mastering.

This first day's activities closed with a poster presentation.

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