PRAKARSA Won the Indonesia's SDGs Actions Awards 2022 from Bappenas

The PRAKARSA - The PRAKARSA receive an award Indonesia's SDGs Actions Awards 2022 from Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas for the category of research institutions. Represented by Deputy Director Victoria Fangidae, PRAKARSA received the award directly from the Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa. Located at the Sultan Hotel Jakarta, on Thursday (1/12/2022). 

This award is a form of government appreciation for the commitment and real contribution of various parties including PRAKARSA in advancing the achievement of SDGs and sustainable development goals in Indonesia. 

For this achievement, Victoria said she would like to express her appreciation to all parties who have supported the work being carried out PRAKARSA so far. "We also want to express our appreciation to all parties who support the work PRAKARSA During this time, various studies have been conducted PRAKARSA has been widely used as avidance for advocacy on issues related to the SDGs. Although actually PRAKARSA have been working on research topics related to the SDGs even before the SDGs, since the time of the MDGs," explained Victoria. 

Victoria also expressed her hope that these works will continue so that Indonesia can catch up on what has yet to be achieved, because the SDGs target in 2030 is not far away. "Or maybe we also have to start preparing, after these SDGs, it will definitely be soon, in less than five years it will be full of discussions at the international level," said Victoria. 

Finally, Victoria explained that going forward PRAKARSA will remain at the core of its work, namely in the field of social policy, economic and fiscal policy, as well as sustainable development which does have an intersection with the SDGs. 

"So we work not only because of the SDGs, but because as an organization we have concern on issues that also happen to be targets of the SDGs," concluded Victoria. 

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