The PRAKARSA involved in the Initial Process of Preparing the Draft Regulation for the Governor of West Java Province

Bandung, The PRAKARSA research and policy advocacy institution represented by Herni Ramdlaningrum (Program Manager The PRAKARSA) and Darmawan Prasetya (Social Policy Officer of The PRAKARSA) had the opportunity to become a facilitator for the Focused Group Discussion (DKT) in drafting the Governor's Regulation regarding the Age of West Java Province. This activity was organized by the West Java Provincial Government's People's Welfare Bureau on November 06 2023.

The PRAKARSA really appreciate the initiation of the aging policy. This DKT activity is an initial meeting in the process of formulating gubernatorial regulations with the aim of mapping elderly problems, the role of related agencies and institutions, and identifying opportunities for program development to overcome aging problems in West Java Province.

This activity was attended by several policy stakeholders in the West Java Province region such as the West Java Province Social Service, West Java Province Health Service, West Java Province Highways Service, West Java Province Regional Research and Development Agency (BP2D), West Java LLI, and the Forum West Java Province LU LKS.

"The preparation of this Governor's Regulation is a commitment from the West Java Provincial government to be present to address the problems of the elderly in the West Java region. It is hoped that the program that is formed will be able to realize the dream of living a prosperous, dignified and independent life for the elderly.”. Said Hanif, West Java Provincial Government People's Welfare Bureau.

During the activity, all participants were asked to identify the problems of elderly people living around their respective homes. Some of the issues that arise are problems related to neglect, health access that does not prioritize the elderly, public facilities that are not yet elderly friendly, and the issue of protecting the elderly from all forms of violence.

In the next session, participants were asked to identify the forms of intervention being carried out by each relevant department and institution to overcome the problems previously mentioned.

Identification of problems and the forms of intervention that have been carried out can help the government in mapping the problems that are currently occurring in the elderly group in the West Java region.

""Mapping the problems of the elderly, the responsibilities and roles of your institutions can help the team drafting the governor's regulatory documents to obtain basic information regarding the characteristics of elderly problems in West Java Province." said Herni, Program Manager of The PRAKARSA.

Discussions related to document analysis of Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2023 of West Java Province concerning Aging were also carried out. Analysis of the PERDA documents focused on articles that need to be included in technical regulations with the hope that the policies and programs that have been prepared will be of benefit to the elderly and their families in West Java.

After analyzing each article, it is then closed by identifying the policy implications that need to be carried out by each agency and invited institution if the PERDA is to be issued in the form of a Governor's Regulation on Aging. We hope that the initiation of aging policies can also be carried out in other provinces in Indonesia to realize universal protection.

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