Transparency International (TI) Cambodia Together with the Cambodian Student Group Visited The PRAKARSA

Jakarta, The PRAKARSA - Transparency International (TI) Cambodia together with a group of 19 students from Cambodia visited the Office PRAKARSA, on Friday (1/12).

This visit was carried out with the aim of: first, introducing the student group to Transparency International (TI) Cambodia's policy advocacy partners in Indonesia; second, to obtain issues, strategies and advocacy mechanisms carried out by The PRAKARSA during this time both at national and international levels.

The first session contained an introduction to the three main focus issues taught by PRAKARSA, namely: Fiscal Policy, Social Policy, and Sustainable Development Policy. "Every issue is actually interrelated, because the goal of our research and advocacy is to encourage the implementation of a welfare state in Indonesia," said Victoria Fanggidae, Deputy Director of The PRAKARSA.

Commitment PRAKARSA as a research institution is to encourage the realization of ideas, thoughts and data contained in research as input for policy formulation. In advocacy efforts, PRAKARSA also seeks to encourage multi-stakeholder involvement.

"In his advocacy, PRAKARSA always try to see that this issue is not resolved at the national level, but also at the international level, so that we PRAKARSA "is also involved in several advocacy forums at the international level such as FFA (Fair Finance Asia), Civil20 (C20), and works together with several international institutions such as SOMO from the Netherlands," said Ah Maftuchan, Executive Director of The PRAKARSA.

In order to make research results relevant to policy issues in Indonesia, PRAKARSA always involve stakeholders – government, CSOs, communities, or profit institutions – to be involved in the process of developing research focus. "The involvement of actors such as the government can help us in the advocacy process which will be carried out after the research is published," said Dwi Rahayu Ningrum, Sustainable Development Officer of The PRAKARSA.

On this occasion a question arose from one of the students present asking the question "Regarding research on poverty, how PRAKARSA obtain poverty data, are the methods used self-developed, and how will the results of this research be advocated to the Indonesian government?”

Responding to this question, Darmawan Prasetya, Social Policy Officer of The PRAKARSA said, "in SME research, the method we use is a method developed by OPHI, at Oxfard University, England, then we developed this method which was adapted to the availability of data and indicators that could be used for the Indonesian context. In the process we were assisted by BAPPENAS, KEMENKES, and BPS of the Republic of Indonesia. Next, we plan to hold an advocacy meeting with BPS to encourage the use of IKM as a method of measuring poverty in Indonesia."

The visit session closed with the presentation of souvenirs by the Program Manager from Transparency International (TI) Cambodia to the Deputy Director of The PRAKARSA and a group photo afterwards.

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