Indonesian government gives fraud data on prosperity

Millenium Development Goal’s (MDG’s) is only seen as a statistical data, but it does not describe the real condition of development in Indonesia.

Prakarsa Coordinator, Ah Maftuchan, explained that most of statistical data from the government is fraud. The fake data reveals as it classified one person who earns Rp 1.1 million to Rp 1.2 million per month into lower income group.

Prakarsa is an Indonesian NGO that focuses its activities in research and production of knowledge.

“However, the Indonesian Statistic Agency has used different classification. The agency will not classify somebody who earns Rp 280,000 per month as poor people. In fact, minimum wages for Indonesian people are rated from Rp 680,000 to Rp 1.4 million,” Maftuchan explained.

Maftuchan suggested the government to fit the minimum wages with the poverty measurement. It makes sense, according to him, if the government has achieved many progresses in development, because the MDGs indicators have been reduced.

60 percent of State Budget is not allocated for public sector. It has been used for government’s expenditure. The Ministry of Finance confirmed this fact, as it stated that there are several districts used 95 percent of Regional Budget for its expenditure.

The Indonesian government claimed its success to meet three of MDG’s, that are reducing the number of people who earns US$ 1, and controlling the tuberculosis. “I think the government has only fulfilled one of the target, that is empowering women and gender equality,” Maftuchan said. (E1)

Sumber : VHR Media l Kurniawan Tri Yunanto / Rosmi Julitasari l 17 Juni 2011

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