May Day: Reflection on job quality

May Day, or International Labor Day, is celebrated on May 1 to commemorate a rally in 1886, when hundreds of thousands of union workers across the United States protested against poor working conditions, including long and exhausting working hours. The event led to the realization of the 8-hour working day, a legacy that most of us should be grateful for. 

More than a century after the protest, the world is seemingly flabbergasted by Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. Like a double-edged sword, with all these hopes and hypes come the worries. 

Many people are anxious because substantial numbers of jobs are predicted to vanish. The future of work as we know it might be disrupted and at peril, experts have told us. 

Nonetheless, in the Global South, the second and third industrial revolutions are yet to be fully exper…

*) Victoria Fanggidae

Research fellow at the Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change, Kupang, and a social policy researcher at Perkumpulan Prakarsa, Jakarta.

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