Sin-tax policy reform: policy tools to improve health behaviors and increase financing for health

The SDGs No. 3 is one of major themes that will be discussed at the Annual Meetings, while the challenge of financing the implementation of SDGs is a significant discussion point. The healthcare budgets around the world are under a lot of pressure and in many countries healthcare systems are crumbling. Tax and Health are interrelated topic that need to be raised to strengthen healthcare support financing as tax revenues have many advantages for financing universal health coverage. One of the foremost advantages is that it effectively pools health risks across a large contributing population. 

In order to provide policy knowledge for a better policy design, this session will highlight selected best practices to stress the importance of a well-designed tax policy to change and improve health behaviors as well as financing for health in order to achieve SDGs

This session will emphasize the role of a well-designed and innovative tax policy on tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages in changing health behaviors as well as improving financing for health in order to achieve SDGs no.3

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