Work from Home

Dear Colleagues,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we write to share important information about our new steps. We are taking to meet the challenge of increase status of Covid-19 in Indonesia. The decisions are designed to ensure the health and well-being of PRAKARSA’s staff and communities and to support the recent regulations issued by the Government of Indonesia to control the spreading of COVID 19 by reducing social interaction and increasing social distancing. The information as follows:

  1. PRAKARSA has decided for postponing or cancelling of events that involve a large mass or at least 10 people attendees. Some of events such as coordination meeting will be conducted by online with technological support.
  2. PRAKARSA has decided for “Work from Home” beginning March 17th until 27th March, 2020. PRAKARSA’s staff committed to ensure all services are still on time. 
  3. We urged to all our staff to coordinate with external party to reschedule our main activities including policy-dialogue, knowledge-sharing, campaign, field research, consultation meeting with global partner, national-local partner, and others until further notification.

This decision will be reviewed once the authority provided further notification. We seek for your understanding for the inconvenience caused including the possible delay progress and reports from our side. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our staff and communities. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Stay safe!

Ah Maftuchan

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