Sharing and Consolidation Meeting of Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia (TAFJA) Coordinating Committee

In 2014, several NGOs across Asia were gathered and affirmed their commitment to work together in promoting common advocacies and campaigns on tax and fiscal justice. The main agenda of the TAFJA just and progressive reforms of tax policies and administration, to endorse a strong enforcement and accountability mechanisms, mainstreaming gender justice in taxation, promoting transparent, accountable and participatory budget processes, and improve the compliance of states with their extraterritorial human rights obligations.

So far, the members of TAFJA network have been showing their commitment at national level to do advocacy works on the issue. However, the works need to be strengthened to the regional dan global level by engaging other prominent actors through strategic forums.

As a network, regular meeting is important in order to sharing knowledge, sharing advocacy experiences, update the progress of achievement and enhancing the relationship between the members. Identifying collaboration works and seeking a wider opportunity in advocacy works sometimes can be more tangible when the direct meeting is taken. Due to several obstacle, assembly 2018 is planned to be postpone to February 2019. However, TAFJA has other way of direct coordination which is Coordinating Committee.

In this occasion, coordinating committee is going to be used as a consolidation forum where all the TAFJA will be given an opportunity to raise important issues prior to TAFJA Assembly Meeting in February 2019.

Apart from the informational function, where the purpose of the gathering is to disseminate or exchange information between groups and individuals, coordinating committee meeting of 2018 will be used to formulate and to agree the communique of the TAFJA that will be submitted to IMF – WB Annual meeting in Bali on 12 – 14 October 2018.

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