Finance and Administration Manager

PHONE: (021) 7811798
EMAIL: heryanah@theprakarsa.org
SKYPE: Heryanah

Heryanah has started a career in a non-profit institution since 2002 at the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI) of South Sumatra. Then moved to Aceh Province and while living in Aceh Province had joined several non-profit institutions until June 2016. Then decided to return to Palembang and return to a career at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) until 2017.
Obtain a bachelor’s degree in Management Economics at an Indonesian College of Economics (STIEI) in Aceh Province.

Overall responsibility for financial management at Perkumpulan Prakarsa and also for donors (donors). Also provide assistance and provide capacity building to the Finance and Accounting Officer, Finance and Accounting Assistant, HR and Admin Officer, IT and Media Support and General Support.

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